Ontario makes history!

Has anyone ever thought that the province of Ontario would accept applications with less than 400 CRS points? I guess none. But, that is what happened on 26 March 2018. First time ever, the province of Ontario sent ‘targeted notification of interest’ to candidates, who were waiting in the pool and met the Human Capital Priorities (HCP) stream criteria with either a job letter or French language skills at CLB7 or above.

Two rounds of invitation were announced and Express Entry candidates with CRS points as low as 351 were issued invitations.

This again proves that the province of Ontaria has an insatiable demand for candidates with certain skills. Hence, keep trying and have patience. You never know something good can happen to you. Everyone has a different clock and wait for it!


USA – Top 10 jobs with a handsome pay

The 10 most in-demand jobs in the USA

Current unemployment rate is 4.4% and inflation rate is 2.20%

Which occupation could assure me of a lifelong job security? Which occupations are trending now? These are complex questions. Oftentimes it is hard to find the right answer. We have no idea whether a specific occupation will remain in demand or increase demand in the future. One misstep could destroy the career of someone and may put him backwards only to switch it at a later stage. This article may help you find the right answer in the context of the US labor market. Here are top ten unmissable jobs with the most potential (medical occupations are in exception):


  1. Software Application Developers

 Training needed: Minimum bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer systems engineering or software engineering with practical experience for entry-level

Job outlook: It is estimated that this occupation will witness around 25 per cent growth in the coming decades yet. Technology surrounds us all the time and innovators and software application developers are never going to be out of demand. Not only is a solid demand that is on the table, but engineers in this occupation are paid high salaries. The breakthrough technologies and ongoing revolution in mobile device industry cements a stable growth in coming years. So get on the board and build the world of future.

Median salary: $85,000


  1. Patents Attorneys

Training needed: Minimum bachelor’s degree in law and successful completion of bar exam and a completion of period of articling. Licensing is also required by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office and passing the patent bar exam.

Job outlook: Intellectual property is given a lot of significance, especially when certain patents could make large corporations earn windfall profits. There is no doubt that highest-paying and most-in-demand jobs are available in the tech industry, but reliance on the patent registration plays a crucial role for corporations and innovators. The importance of IP is certainly neglected in some parts of the world to some extent and therefore this occupation is sidelined citing there is no future.

 Median salary: $118,160


  1. Architectural Designers:

Training needed: Minimum bachelor’s degree in architecture with additional on-the-job training needed to gain competency in the skills. Registration with the relevant body is compulsory by passing a registering exam.

Job outlook: After the 2008-financial meltdown, the construction industry witnessed slowdown in business activities and there was an evident soft demand for architects. However, the 2016 turned out to be better than expected in the economic recovery and business activities in the US. Civil contracting corporations are experiencing a nascent uptick and home buyers are back.  There exists a steep competition among architects as a high number of students are graduating with degree in architecture. Yet, architects with the sound competency along with the eccentric designing ideas make it easily.

Median salary: $76,930


  1. Engineering Managers

 Training needed: Minimum bachelor’s degree in computer or information science with related work experience is usually required.

Job outlook: The tech industry has been one of the main industries and largest contributors to the US GDP over the decades. The coveted high-paying jobs in the tech industry may witness around 12 per cent growth from 2018 until 2026. It is faster than the average for all occupations. Companies such as Google, Microsoft and Yelp have openings for this role.

Median salary: $135,800


  1. Veterinarian Doctors

Training needed: Minimum degree required is Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine with the state license

Job outlook: Are you an animal lover who wants to make the world more compassionate? If yes, then there could be no better job for you than this. The good news is the employment opportunity in this sector is expected to grow by 19 per cent until 2026, quite faster than the average for all occupations. Go help your loved ones!

Median Salary: $88,770


  1. Pharmacists

Training needed: Minimum degree required is Pharm. D with licensing that requires passing two exams

Job outlook: The US alone has more than 45 percent of global pharmaceutical market with the world’s leading giants, such as Pfizer, Roche, Sanofi, Merck, Johnson and Johnson, Novartis and among others. There is no doubt that more students are graduating in Pharm. D each year. Yet it is believed that this occupation has not lost the steam.

 Median salary: $122,230


  1. Finance Managers and Financial analysts

Training needed: Minimum bachelor’s degree in Finance (preferred), Economics or Commerce is usually required with the work experience of several years.

Job outlook: Do you want to watch and analyze the fighting between bulls and bears of the Wall Street? Or do you want to work with giants such as Amazon or NBC as a financial manager? Does the magic of numbers naturally ring the bell for you? If yes, then be a part of the financial world of the US which enjoys the highest GDP of $19 trillion. There are several core functions of finance managers, including risk management and cash management which are in a solid demand, and continue to grow higher.

Median salary: $121,750


  1. Biomedical Engineers

Training needed: Minimum bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering or bioengineering or in a related field.

Job outlook: According to Melissa Burns, “biomedical engineers are the research elite of the medical profession. They develop new solutions in medical care; enjoy great respect and high salaries. Humankind today is more concerned with preserving and improving general health of people than ever, and high-tech improvements in this field are going to become more important in the years to come.” Demand for biomedical engineers is expected to increase by 27 percent in the next 10 years.

Median salary: $85,620


  1. Product Marketing Managers

 Training needed: Minimum bachelor’s degree in marketing. An advanced MBA degree in the same field is more desirable.

Job outlook: Greed is good. That is what Harvard School teaches you, isn’t it? All the large corporations are in pursuit of swelling their top and bottom line. They can do so only by increasing their sales turnover of existing and new products. Ergo, there is an acute need of highly talented marketing managers who could come up with new ideas to snap the market share. It is a very competitive job position though.

Median salary: $127,560


  1. Psychologists

Training needed: Usually a doctorate degree in psychology is required with a license. A graduate degree may be sufficient for some positions.

Job outlook: As we learn more about how the human brain works, specialists in this sphere are going to be in great demand in the years to come. Psychological well-being is prioritized and there is a big section of our society which really needs a helping hand for their betterment.

Median salary: $75,230

Quebec finally mirrors Express Entry Model

A sigh of relief eventually! Tens of thousands of intended immigrants with less than 400 CRS points have been waiting something positive for them over the years. The queue is getting longer and cumbersome and there is no doubt that there exists an inevitable desperation among intended immigrants. There is a huge section of such intended immigrants who lose out to those who sail over 400 CRS points.

Well, it might be a premature statement that this incoming revamped policy of Quebec government may act as a savior for some. But, there certainly is a ray of hope. The existing problem-plagued Mon Project Quebec will continue to accept applications with an employment offer and temporary residents of Quebec until this new system will be introduced.

What does that mean? It seems that more applications with the right background will be accepted through this new model. This will eventually reduce the burden on Federal Express Entry applications and in the long term we may expect CRS to settle down lower. Again, it is just an assumption based on mathematical equation and common sense. However, whether it happens or not, time will tell us.

At this point of time, let’s wait and hope for some positive news sooner.