UK’s New Points-based Immigration System

Characteristics Tradeable Points
Offer of job by approved sponsor No 20
Job at appropriate skill level No 20
Speaks English at required level No 10
Salary of £20,480 (minimum) – £23,039 Yes 0
Salary of £23,040 – £25,599 Yes 10
Salary of £25,600 or above Yes 20
Job in a shortage occupation (as designated by the MAC) Yes 20
Education qualification: PhD in subject relevant to the job Yes 10
Education qualification: PhD in a STEM subject relevant to the job Yes 20
A total of 70 points is required to be eligible to apply; some characteristics are tradeable    

Canada revises the settlement funds requirement

The government of Canada revises the requirement of the amount of funds that certain skilled workers need to demonstrate in order to migrate to Canada. This policy ensures to stay aligned with the inflation rate annually. The federal government has increased this amount as below:

Number of family members Funds required in Canadian dollars
1 $12,960
2 $16,135
3 $19,836
4 $24,083
5 $27,315
6 $30,806
7 $34,299
For each additional family member $3,492

Your family size decides the amount of funds that you need to carry with yourself. Intended immigrants must show these funds whether their members of the family accompany him or not. Use the above-mentioned table to calculate the size of your family.

Master the First & Last Paragraph of Essay

While recruiting a new employee, the employer should pay more attention to their personal qualities, rather than qualifications and experience. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion and include relevant examples.

Introduction: Many people believe that headhunters ought to evaluate personal qualities other than their academics, attainments, and job experience. I personally believe that it has some merits for this process, but they are not absolute, described below. (36 words)

Conclusion: In conclusion, personal qualities play a vital role in evaluating the suitability of employees, but they do not supersede requisite professional traits. (22 words)

Many people believe that learning a foreign language is a very difficult task. What are the most difficult things about learning a foreign language? What is the best way to overcome them? Explain and include your personal experience or knowledge of these problems.

Introduction: It is indeed true that learning another language, especially a foreign one, is a Herculean task. In some cases, it seems a far-fetched dream, but it may not be the same for all. This essay describes my personal experience and knowhow of these difficulties while mastering a non-native language. (49 words)

Conclusion: In conclusion, it is a challenging job for people to overcome learning hardships while adopting and adapting to an alien language. Nevertheless, it is a doable job as long as solemn efforts are put in. (35 words)

Many parents encourage young people to leave home when they become older, while others think they should stay at home with the family. Discuss both views, and give your own opinion.

Introduction: More and more parents, these days, motivate the youth to stand on their own two feet when they get older. However, there is a school of thought which thinks against it. I personally believe that it is an excellent idea to inspire the youth to explore the world after a certain age. (54 words)

Conclusion: In conclusion, it makes sense for the youth to experience the world at the right stage of their life. Inspiring them to stay with the family may not reap positive fruition. (31 words)

As most people spend a major part of their adult life at work, job satisfaction is an important element of individual wellbeing.

What factors contribute to job satisfaction?

How realistic is the expectation of job satisfaction for all workers?

Introduction: Job satisfaction plays an essential factor in the workplace for employees as they give their considerable part of adult life working there. Several elements decide job satisfaction since it a practical ask of all the working people. This essay discusses all the determinants of job satisfaction. (46 words)

Conclusion: In conclusion, job satisfaction plays a pivotal role in employees. The absence of intrinsic value at the workplace may not produce the desired outcome. (24 words)

IELTS Model Answer

Question: Some people believe that entertainers are more important than scientists. Support the reasons and examples from your experience.

Answer: It is the choice that people make between good and popular. Some people love to be associated with their famous figures, such as sportspersons, comedians, actors, and others. However, there is a school of thought which believes that contributions of scientists are as good as other popular figures. This essay takes a neutral stance on both types of heroes.

There are several reasons why the contributions of great scientists cannot be ignored, to begin with. Humankind has evolved from an early primitive stage to the glitter of this modern world. Scientists have strived untiringly to make our life easier and comfortable in every walk of life. For example, we would have been roaming to hunt animals to feed ourselves and died this way had there been no inventions or innovations. Furthermore, scientists are instrumental in making this world a better place to live. 

On the flip side, entertainers have a different role to play when compared. Our day-to-day life works on happiness, passion, emotion, stress, and other psychological triggers. These entertainers give a reason for a smile on the face. People are stressed from their nine-to-five jobs, and they find solace and blitheness when they watch their entertainers doing their roles. 

In my opinion, it is a battle between popularity and good. Entertainers are closer to the hearts of people as they are generally more covered on television, the internet, newspapers, and magazines. While scientists live with us daily, but they are hidden and unidentified behind the curtains. A classic example is that the youth gravitate more to Tom Cruise than Albert Einstein. 

In conclusion, it is indeed entertainers are more remembered and loved than scientists. Both have specific roles in our lives, but the latter is, at times, unfortunate to receive lesser honor and recognition in society. (297 words)

IELTS Model Answer

Question: Some people believe that there will be a reduction in air travel in the future. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

Answer: The aviation industry has witnessed a multi-fold growth of air travelers over the decades. However, some experts foresee that numbers of flyers will decrease in the years to come. I personally believe that it is a blessing in disguise and do not see it as a negative development. 

There are several reasons why a fall in air travel is beneficial to our planet. Firstly, the aviation industry is one of the largest contributors of carbon gases in the atmosphere. Airplanes run on kerosene, which releases carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmosphere. Secondly, people living near commercial airports suffer from noise pollution. It causes sleep disturbances, interference with communication, and performance effects, among others. Lastly, aircraft manufacturers have not put in serious efforts to innovate the engineering mechanism, which could save the fuel or planes could fly on the alternative fuel. This inertia demands a punishment, too.

The opposite is also true. The slowdown in the aviation industry could leave a ripple effect on the economy. There are tens of thousands of people who work for airlines, and their jobs could be threatened. Additionally, airlines have already been facing a turbulent financial time in the world of late. Their profit margins have substantially been squeezed, and some of them are on the cusp of bankruptcy. Ergo, this topic also includes an ethical dilemma about whether to rejoice or to feel sorry.

In conclusion, the reduction in business activities in the aviation industry will be a savior to our degrading environment, but it will also come at a huge cost. (258 words)

IELTS Model Answer

Question: Online shopping seems to be replacing the traditional method of buying. However, some buyers are skeptical about this practice. Discuss both benefits and risks associated with online shopping.

Answer: Online shopping is indeed gaining traction these days. Many people find it as a godsend for several reasons. However, there is a group of people who yet questions this modern-day shopping method. This essay examines both perspectives.

There are several reasons why online shopping gained popularity overnight. Firstly, it offers a remarkable amount of ease while transacting the deal. For example, people nowadays remain busy. They hardly have time left for shopping on many occasions. It is not a new sensation that several working people do their holiday online shopping at work. This was just a dream two decades ago. Secondly, it is a boon for the elderly and people with disabilities. They no longer need to visit bricks and mortar and go through hassles. Lastly, online shopping offers a wide range of merchandise for customers to click and choose. Shoppers have a paradise of a range of products along with competitive pricing.

The opposite is also true. Online shopping brings a few downsides compared to its counterpart. Some people believe in feeling the product and trying it on in some cases. Physical stores offer this feature, and it works wondrously. Additionally, online shopping is a breeze only when it has ultra-fast broadband. Otherwise, it frustrates busy customers with slow downloads, technical failures, and poorly designed checkout processes. Last but not least, the e-commerce business platform has destroyed the business of retailers. Sagacious people prefer to support local businesses and the community. Such community feeling prevails, and it seems that online businesses might face some resistance sooner or later.

In conclusion, online shopping is taking over traditional businesses and winning the hearts and minds of shoppers in these fast forward times. Nevertheless, it seems a passing fad. (287 words)

Running short of time for IELTS for the UK?

If you are running short of time to take the IELTS test for the UK admission and student visa, here is the list of universities that may waive you off this requirement provided you meet a minimum score in the English subject of your previous studies.

UK Universities open for Jan/Feb 2020 intakes:

Undergraduate Universities and IELTS waiver % in 12th English:

  • Oxford Brookes University: 65% in 12th English
  • Anglia Ruskin University – 70% in 12th English
  • Worcester University – 60% in 12th English
  • St. Mary’s University, London – 70% in 12th English
  • Middlesex University – 65% in 12th English
  • Bolton University – 70% in 12th English
  • University of West London – Only CBSE 60% in English 12th 
  • University of Greenwich –  Only CBSE 60% in English 12th 
  • Bedfordshire University – 60%
  • London Metropolitan University – Only CBSE 60% in English 12th 
  • Wolverhampton University – 60% in English CBSE 12th, 70% in State Board
  • Sunderland University, London campus – 60% in English CBSE 12th, 70% in State Board
  • Ulster University, London campus – 60% in English CBSE 12th, 70% in State Board
  • Northumbria University, London campus – 60% in English CBSE 12th, 70% in State Board
  • Huddersfield University – 70% in 12th English
  • Coventry University – 65% in 12th English

Postgraduate Universities:

  • Anglia Ruskin University – 70% in English 12th 
  • Bolton University – 70% in English 12th 
  • Bedfordshire University – 60% in English 12th 
  • Bath Spa University – 70% in 12th CBSE only
  • Chester University – 65% in English 12th
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University – 60% in English 12th
  • Coventry University – 65% in English 12th
  • UCLAN – 70% in English 12th
  • DeMontfort University – 70% in English 12th
  • University of Greenwich – 70% in English 12th (CBSE, ICSE)
  • Hertfordshire University – 70% in English 12th (CBSE, ICSE)
  • London Metropolitan University – 65% in English 12th
  • University of Law – 65% in CBSE only
  • Sunderland University, London Campus – 70% in English 12th
  • Sheffield Hallam University – 70% in English 12th
  • Solent University – 70% in English 12th
  • Middlesex University – 65% in English 12th
  • Bangor University – 60% in English 12th
  • Birmingham City University – 70% in English 12th (CBSE)
  • Oxford Brookes University – 65% in English 12th
  • Wolverhampton University – 70% in English 12th
  • Teeside University – 65f% in English 12th
  • University of West of England – 70% in English 12th
  • University of West London – 70% in English 12th (CBSE)
  • University of South Wales – 70% in English 12th

Comma Rules

Poor punctuation brings shame to well-written literature. Therefore, no accomplished author can afford to ignore it. A comma, which is a member of the punctuation family, plays an essential role in your write-up. Let’s study its 5 primary uses. 

  1. A comma is placed between words in a series:
    1. She likes to eat fruits, juice, ice cream, and brownies.
  2. A comma can also be used for salutation, such as opening and closing a letter.
    1. Dear Sir and Madam, (in the opening of the letter)
    2. Love, Josh (at the end of the letter)
  3. A comma is also used to set off a dependent clause at the beginning of a sentence.
    1. After working hard on this assignment, we decided to take some time off for future projects.
  4. A comma is used before the conjunction in a compound sentence. In other words, we connect two sentences using ‘and.’ 
    1. She likes to eat fruits, and she likes to eat ice cream.
  5. A comma is used before and after quotation marks.
    1. “She likes to eat fruits,” She said.
    2. She said, “She likes to eat fruits.”

IELTS Model Answer: Task 1, Academic Training

The bar chart compares the regular physical activity of a different age group of Australian men and women in 2010. As can be seen, men doing physical exercises during youth and old age were higher in numbers than women.

As to the data, over 50% of men in the age group of 15 to 24 did regular physical activity, whereas women were slightly behind about 5% in the tally. This is the only trend in which men superseded women by a fair margin. As the age progressed, nearly 50% of women, a tad below or above, in all age groups from 25 through 65 or above did regular physical activity. This trend for men was the opposite. It stayed at nearly 40% upwards until the age group of 55 to 64 and rose to nearly 47% in the last age group. However, there was a massive difference in the age group of 35 to 44, wherein nearly 53% of women were regular in the fitness activities as opposed to a tad below 40% of men.

Overall, women are more active in physical activities than their male counterparts. (183 words)


The topic is taken from Cambridge 12 (Test 5 & Task 1) for training purpose in general.