Future Perfect Tense – 10 Minute English Grammar

The sentence formation follows:

  Singular Number Plural Number
1st Person I shall have eaten = I’ll have eaten We shall have eaten = We’ll have eaten
2nd Person You will have eaten = You’ll have eaten You will have eaten = You’ll have eaten
3rd Person He will have eaten = He’ll have eaten  
  She will have eaten = She’ll have eaten They will have eaten = They’ll have eaten
  It will have eaten = It’ll have eaten  

Uses of The Future Perfect Tense:

  1. It is generally used to show the completion of an action by a certain time in the future. We use a time expression beginning with by in most cases: by that time, by the next month, by then, etc.
    • By the end of next month, I think I will have completed this project.
    • By the time you realize your mistake, you will have paid a heavy price for your wrong actions.
    • Before she comes to my place, I shall have left for school.
    • By 2025, the city’s population will have doubled.

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