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Nowadays shopping has become a new favorite pastime for young people. What are the reasons for this? What can be done to encourage young people to develop other hobbies?

Answer: Visual merchandising was never so strong than what it is today, and smart corporations create unwanted demand for all. Shopping has indeed become a pastime during leisure time, especially for the youth. However, it is a matter of concern as this interest is replacing their traditional hobbies. This essay examines both reasons and suggestions for this phenomenon.

Unwanted consumerism is on the rise these days. There are several reasons attributed to this unwanted shopping, which has become a pastime for young people. Firstly, visual merchandising, coupled with attractive discounted prices on stuff, has lured customers exceedingly. This has fuelled unwanted consumerism. Secondly, many young people are idle, and they happen to visit stores casually. This casual trip becomes a trap and a habit for them, as they get fascinated by the commercial set-ups, inviting them to buy unwanted stuff. Lastly, easy online access with inflated credit limits is also an influencer. Most young people have smartphones and bank cards. Hence, buying any stuff means going through the process of ‘click and pay,’ and the order arrives on the following day.

Gone are the days, when the youth took an interest in hobbies, such as music, arts, playing sports and gardening, among others. This trend needs to be arrested. Coordinated efforts of parents, schools, public advisories, and self-realization can arrest this severe issue. Together they can make the youth understand the significance of hobbies in life. Otherwise, they will run into debt and waste their precious time. Parents should engage their children at an early age with different types of activities and hobbies.

In conclusion, it is hard for young people to resist consumerism. The only solution is to enlighten them of importance to hobbies. (283 words)

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